Aqua Chair-Brush-Client's Fabric
  • Aqua Chair-Brush-Client's Fabric [AQDC-B-CUSTOM]
Aqua Chair-Brush-Fabric Grey
  • Aqua Chair-Brush-Fabric Grey [AQDC-B-GREY]
Aqua Chair-Brush-Fabric Nougat
  • Aqua Chair-Brush-Fabric Nougat [AQDC-B-NOUGAT]
Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather Black
  • Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather Black [AQDC-B-PU-BLK]
Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather White
  • Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather White [AQDC-B-PU-WH]
Aqua Chair-Polish-Frame Only
  • Aqua Chair-Polish-Frame Only [AQDC-P-FRAME]
Aqua Chair-Polish-Fabric Grey
  • Aqua Chair-Polish-Fabric Grey [AQDC-P-GREY]


Aqua Chairs have a stainless steel frame in brushed or polished finish. Choice of light grey or nougat fabric or faux leather in black, white or taupe. If you prefer to use your own fabric or leather we will upholster for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Product ID Name Description
AQDC-B-CUSTOM Aqua Chair-Brush-Client's Fabric 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-B-FRAME Aqua Chair-Brush-Frame Only 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-B-GREY Aqua Chair-Brush-Fabric Grey 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-B-NOUGAT Aqua Chair-Brush-Fabric Nougat 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-B-PU-BLK Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather Black 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-B-PU-TA Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather Taupe 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-B-PU-WH Aqua Chair-Brush-PU Leather White 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-CUSTOM Aqua Chair-Polish-Client's Fabric 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-FRAME Aqua Chair-Polish-Frame Only 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-GREY Aqua Chair-Polish-Fabric Grey 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-NOUGAT Aqua Chair-Polish-Fabric Nougat 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-PU-BLK Aqua Chair-Polish-PU Leather Black 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-PU-TA Aqua Chair-Polish-PU Leather Taupe 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back
AQDC-P-PU-WH Aqua Chair-Polish-PU Leather White 47x50x48-Seat 83-Back